Filippo Candio doubles up through Jonathan Duhamel

Filippo Candio doubles up through Jonathan Duhamel

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Shortly after the new 500,000 chips were introduced - the largest denomination ever used at the WSOP - we got a chance to see why they were necessary as we witnessed a huge 40,000,000 pot between Filippo Candio and Canadian Jonathan Duhamel.

Candio opened the pot with a raise to 1,325,000 in the hijack seat. Joseph "subiime" Cheong called on the button and Jonathan Duhamel made it 3,950,000 to go. Candio quickly moved all in for 14,950,000 and just as quickly Cheong folded before chip leader Duhamel called.

Duhamel had Ah-Kd but was seriously coolered and drawing thin against Ac-Ad. Candio sealed the hand by the turn of a T-6-3-9 board and ran over to celebrate with his entourage as he skyrockets to 31,875,000 in chips and Duhamel drops to 50,250,000; still good for the chip lead.

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