End of level update for WSOP

End of level update for WSOP

Saturday, 6 November 2010

So as the players go on another break before reconvening for the 400k/800k blind level let's take a look at how their chip counts have changed and their pre-flop statistics (VPIP/PFR) for the final table so far:

Each player's VPIP/PFR (Voluntarily Put $ In Pot/Pre-Flop Raise) percentages will be displayed with those of the previous level in square brackets, allowing you to see how the style of play has changed each blind level.

Jason Senti (21,500,000): +4m; VPIP/PFR 18/17[21/14]

Joseph Cheong (49,500,000): +19.8m; VPIP/PFR 23/17[14/14]

John Dolan (29,825,000): -9.8m; VPIP/PFR 17/13[21/17]

Jonathan Duhamel (42,875,000): -22.3m; 20/20[14/14]

Michael Mizrachi (38,650,000): +19.5m; 23/14[10/10]

John Racener (13,800,00): -11.3m; 17/14[17/17]

Filippo Candio (35,400,000): +19m; 16/13[10/7]

Play resumes in the next half an hour with blinds at 400,000/800,000 and a 100,000 ante.

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