We are fed, watered and back for Day 2

We are fed, watered and back for Day 2

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Well, Day 2 has certainly been a lot more exciting than either of the opening flights as two of the most talked-about poker players in the world built huge stacks – Phil Ivey held the chip lead for a while until Viktor “Isildur1” Blom seemed to go a bit mental and got up to more than 450,000.

Ivey is still well in contention though with about 300,000; Antonio Esfandiari has taken the biggest hit by getting incredibly unlucky against Dan Shak – all-in on a Jd-9d-5c board, Esfandiari had his opponent dominated five ways from Sunday holding Kd-Td against 6d-3d. Shak spiked a 3 on the river to ship a 285,000 pot with bottom pair and sent Esfandiari down to just a few big blinds.

The old school are holding up well despite the dominance of players such as Blom; Barny Boatman has over a quarter of a million in chips and being fans of gritty British poker we’re rooting for him. He’s competing with a lot of tough UK players though as James Mitchell, Chris Moorman and Praz Bansi all have healthy stacks as the 800/1600/200 level begins.

Seth Palansky estimates a field of 81 returning tomorrow but the way the eliminations have been building up it could be even lower.

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