WSOPE update

WSOPE update

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

There are still three players left in the game at the final table of the World Series of Poker Europe but the dynamics have changed considerably since we returned from dinner.

Ronald Lee has surrendered his chip lead after a series of raising and levelling wars with Fabrizio Baldassari, who took the lead after his river bet with 5-5 on a Q-9-5-K-A board picked up the largest pot of the tournament - a 4,000,000 lus monster.

James Bord has quietened down and the same can be said for his rail. The Londoner is either card-dead or trying to fold his way to the guaranteed half a million quid for finishing in the top two - that said, he just won a pot and they're off again. "THERE'S ONLY OOOOOONE JAAAAAAAAMES BOOORD, WALKIN' IN A BORDY WONDERLAND!"

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