WSOPE heads-up play

WSOPE heads-up play

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

James Bord raised the button and Baldassari called to see a 8h-3d-9s flop. Baldassari checked, Bord bet 400,000 and Fabrizio called the bet; the turn was the 4d and Baldassari bet 425,000 Bord contemplated his action before making the call. The river was the Jh.

Baldassari bet 555,000 and that was good enough to take it down to muted applause - nothing on the cheers Bord gets, though they are diminished after two of the louder (read: more intoxicated) members of his party were chucked out by Jack Effel.

The Italian still holds a convincing chip lead of around 3 to 2.

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