WSOPE heads-up play - hands 3 - 6

WSOPE heads-up play - hands 3 - 6

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Baldassari is getting the better of Bord so far, calling with bottom pair to take a 1.5m pot but Bord's rail aren't letting their man get discouraged. Here are the hands:

Heads-up hand #3 - Baldassari raises to 125,000 and Bord folds.

Heads-up hand #4 - Bord raises to 175,000 and Baldassari calls to see a Qd-Ac-Tc flop that goes check-check. The Kh turn brings a Baldassari bet of 250,000 and Bord min-raises to 500,000. The Italian goes into the tank with one hand on his face and the other on his cards. He mucks to cheers from the rail and a pot to Bord.

Heads-up hand #5 - Baldassari raises to 130,000 and takes it down.

Heads-up hand #6 - Bord raises to 125,000; Baldassari calls. The flop, amid calls for ssssh for the rail, is Qc-6s-9c and Baldassari checks. Bord bets 125,000 and gets a call. The turn is the Qd and the Italian checks again; Bord checks right behind and the river is a complete blank - the 2h for a Q-6-9-Q-2 board. Baldassari bets 150,000 and Bord ponders before raising to 500,000. The Italian looks puzzled by this and moves both hands over his cards before sliding out a stack of chips...

No call or raise yet, though. He releases the chips and looks up to the ceiling, stroking his chin and frowning before making the call. Bord shows airball and Baldassari's A-2 takes it down.

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