WSOPE final 10 - Battle of the Beards

WSOPE final 10 - Battle of the Beards

Monday, 27 September 2010

There is poker going on at the moment and obviously we’ll report any big hands but for now players are mostly duking it out before the flop with a simple raise often taking the 60,000 worth of blinds and antes. The important question, we feel, is that based on the facial hair of the players who is most likely to win?

Daniel Steinberg: A trim and full-faced affair; Steinberg’s beard is well-groomed and thick enough to pass judgement. A fine effort.

Dan Fleyshman: Victory Poker CEO Fleyshman’s stubble is deliberate with the appearance of being just there. He says: “What? A beard? Where did that come from? I just ate dinner and it must have grown over the 90 minutes because I’m so manly.”

James Bord: Bord is going for the ‘accidental beard’ look but the well-defined edges give it away as a deliberate effort. Another good effort but lacking in the nonchalance effect.

Fabrizio Baldassari: A perfect example of the casual stubble look that Fleyshman is pulling off and Bord is attempting. Short of a handlebar moustache it’s difficult to see how he could do any better.

The rest of the players are clean shaven which means they have very little chance of winning the event. Now that our silliness is out of the way, let’s get back to the poker.

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