WSOPE Main Event reaches level four

WSOPE Main Event reaches level four

Thursday, 23 September 2010

It’s been a great day thus far at the WSOPE Main Event – where else could we see Gus Hansen playing heads up while John Juanda makes squeeze plays versus Toby Lewis and Erik Seidel cold-calls Jason Mercier’s 3-bets?

There are 126 players remaining in the event of the 137 that registered to compete today. This means a turnout of 215 is needed tomorrow in order to equal or surpass the 362-player records of 2007/8. Fabian Quoss holds the chip lead with 71,000 with the familiar names of Arnaud Mattern, Jason Mercier and Faraz Jaka right up with him in the top five.

Vanessa Selbst, down to a 500 chip at one point, is doing phenomenally well. With just 12,000 she can hardly be the table bully but to go from 2.5BBs to more than 40 when the levels increase is impressive indeed. Should she have a deep run it would be one of the poker comeback stories of all time.

Annette Obrestad and Sorel Mizzi both made early exits when their dominating hands couldn’t hold up – Annette got her AK in on the flop and was shown KJ for kings and jacks. Last year around two thirds of the field survived Day 1a so based on those numbers we could see around 80 or 90 of these guys and gals returning for Day 2 on Saturday. Now we’re off for some food.

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