WSOPE Main Event - Level five over, just one more left for Day 1a

WSOPE Main Event - Level five over, just one more left for Day 1a

Thursday, 23 September 2010

To the immense relief of all the players, dealers and waiting staff – not to mention knackered journalists – the magic 100 milestone has been reached and play will not be extended beyond midnight tonight. With the 250/500/50 level drawing to a close there are 99 players still hoping to return for Day 2 on Saturday.

Phil Hellmuth, soon after losing most of his stack to a set, must have been delighted to get his last seven or eight big blinds in the middle with his signature hand of 9c-9s. However, his face fell when Leo Marget woke up with the two black aces which held to send the Poker Brat out into the cold London night, perhaps back to his Gaga party bus.

In lieu of an official chip count it looks like Fabian Quoss is still holding the chip lead although Faraz Jaka may have something to say about it – both players have more than 100,000 in their stacks and the difference between them may amount to less than the size of a pre-flop 3-bet.

At the other end of the league, Howard Lederer and Justin “BoostedJ” Smith are clinging to life with less than 20,000 – though, we suppose that even Smith’s 11,100 stack is more than twenty big blinds. Gotta love deep and steep tournaments. John Juanda has clawed something back with more than 22,000 in front of him now and ex-England footballer Teddy Sheringham has avoided the pitfalls of Jason Mercier and Erik Seidel to his left and right, building up to 33,000.

Players are taking a twenty minute break and then the action begins again.

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