WSOPE Main Event Day 2 - we're back; Mitchell still leads

WSOPE Main Event Day 2 - we're back; Mitchell still leads

Saturday, 25 September 2010

We’re now entering the eighth blind level of the 2010 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event and blinds will be 400/800/100. The green 25 chips have been taken away and players have to pay 2,100 each orbit. With an average stack of about 60,000 that’s 28 table orbits so we’re still very deep.

James Mitchell still leads the field but Phil Ivey has snuck into the top three chip counts along with Hoyt Corkins. Despite losing such poker greats as Neil Channing, John Juanda, Adam Levy and Tommy Vedes we still have an armada of poker legends filling up the seats.

We’ve already lost nearly three tables today so if you continue the trend we’ll be looking at a Day 3 field of about 45 players. It’s unlikely since on Day 3 they plan to play down to three tables and if we start with five that is a very short day. We can always hope for an early night on Sunday, though.

Nicolas Levi, Day 1a chip leader, had a 200,000 stack at one point before losing a big pot to Phil Ivey and the nut flush. He is still on a more than double average 135,000 but Ivey has hit the 150,000 milestone and shows no intention of slowing it down.

Let’s shuffle up and deal once more.

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