WSOPE Day 3 update - Seed takes a hit but wins a bet

WSOPE Day 3 update - Seed takes a hit but wins a bet

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Huck Seed are both aggressive players so fireworks go off when they’re at the same table. Especially when they’re seated alongside each other. Especially when it’s blind versus blind.

Timoshenko opened the small blind to 8,000 and Seed made it 23,500 to go. ‘JovialGent’ took a minute or two to think before adding the extra 15,500 and seeing the 5h-9d-Ts flop. Both players checked and Timoshenko thought for a few minutes before betting 29,000 on the Qd turn. Seed called quickly and the river made a board of 5h-9d-Ts-Qd-4d; Timoshenko thought for several minutes before checking and Seed immediately checked behind, showing the second-best J-J to Timoshenko’s K-Q.

Hoyt Corkins then had the clock called when faced with a 5-bet shove out of the big blind and was taking a fair while to decide what to do. Huck Seed and Yevgeniy Timoshenko, fresh from tangling in the last hand, discussed quietly what Hoyt would call with. Seed suggested a £1,000 bet and they negotiated down to £500. We couldn’t hear the prop details but it seemed Seed was £500 better off when Corkins flipped A-Q and held against A-7.

Blinds are still 1,500/3,000/400 and we have 49 players left in the room. The money bubble bursts when we hit 36 and we’ll continue playing tonight until 27 remain.

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