Viktor Blom folds out Steinberg to take the WSOPE chip lead

Viktor Blom folds out Steinberg to take the WSOPE chip lead

Monday, 27 September 2010

Two hands lead to Viktor Blom first dropping slightly then increasing a fair bit in the chip counts to overtake the 920,000 stack of Bord, James Bord (see what we did there?) against Daniel Steinberg. Blom raised from UTG+1 to 19,000 only to fold to Steinberg’s 57,000 re-raise and be shown 6-4o for his troubles.

The very next hand, Blom raised from under the gun to 19,000 and was again 3-bet by Steinberg, this time in the small blind and this time to 80,000. Blom quickly made the call and the two saw a flop of Kc-Ah-9s. Steinberg bet out another 80,000 and Blom riffled some chips before making the call. The turn was the 6d and Steinberg checked the action over to Blom.

The young Swede stared down Steinberg before taking a stack of the newly-introduced white 25,000 chips and putting four into the pot alongside a pink 5,000 for a 105,000 bet. Steinberg thought for a minute or two before sliding his cards towards the muck. He was promptly stopped by an ESPN man who held the action so a portable camera could capture each player’s hand for viewing later. With that pot Blom moves to one million chips on the dot.

For those of you who find the visual medium more stimulating than my fantastic prose, ESPN are filming today and the final table tomorrow and after a five-hour delay you can watch it streamed at which means that at 5pm or shortly thereafter you can catch up on the action and let me know what Blom had in that hand.

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