The Second Coming of Hellmuth

The Second Coming of Hellmuth

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Phil Hellmuth, perhaps the most famous poker player in the world, played up to his image by arriving at the WSOPE in a double-decker bus bearing UB insignia before emerging as a brass band and group of smokin' Lady Gagas serenaded the crowds to 'Poker Face'.

Hellmuth, who last year ballsed up his entrance by not having the bollards around Leicester Square lowered, managed a full lap of the square this time as the crowd built. He emerged after a group of Lady Gaga impersonators and a full brass band had launched into Gaga's hit 'Poker Face'.

Hellmuth is arriving midway through level three with blinds at 150/300; let's hope he can keep bluffin' with his muffin to reach Day 2 by the end of the night.

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