T-Minus fifteen minutes until Main Event

T-Minus fifteen minutes until Main Event

Thursday, 23 September 2010

With less than twenty minutes to go before the beginning of the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event, Bluff Europe has arrived. Setting up on an Internet connection we can only describe as ‘intermittent’ (though that might be more to do with blogger Matt Perry’s ancient laptop) the honchos in suits are labelling tables and setting out chips.

So far we’ve not spotted any big names – besides WSOP Media Director Seth Palansky – but this is us on the scene now; keep following us both here and on Twitter to make sure you get the best of all today’s action. The players will begin at 50/100 with 30,000 stacks and play six ninety-minute levels today.

We’re already anticipating Hellmuth’s arrival, though hoping that a Lady Gaga theme doesn’t come through because the sight of The Poker Brat in hotpants and a thin silver bra gyrating to electro-pop won’t be a welcome one. He’s scheduled for a fashionably late entrance at 4pm.

Of course, the £10,300 Heads-Up High Roller event is also playing out when Gus Hansen, Ram Vaswani, Andrew Feldman and Jim Callopy will play out two matches and leave with a bracelet – oh, and £288,000. We’ll bring you that action as it happens as well.

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