Some hands observed at the WSOPE Main Event...

Some hands observed at the WSOPE Main Event...

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The biggest pot we've witnessed thus far came from the Table Of Death II (next to the Table of Death I ft. Mercier, Seidel et al). In fact, that whole area is just full of death tables. Chris Ferguson seems to be up to around 40,000 after winning a big pot.

We only got there on the river of a 8h-8s-2s-4s-Ah board when Chris Ferguson's opponent checked to him. Jesus contemplated his action for a minute or two before tossing out two yellow 1,000 chips.

The pot was already big with what looked like around 3,000 - 4,000 in the middle. Jesus's opponent called and mucked when Ferguson flipped over Ad-Kh for top pair, top kicker. With that he added more than 60BBs to his collection.

The Table of Death I had a three-way pot with Seidel and Mercier calling an UTG raise. Disappointingly, the action was checked down on a Ts-Ad-6h-6s-2s board and Mercier wound up taking the pot down with 3-3.

We caught another hand upstairs where action folded to Joe Beevers in the small blind, who completed before calling Huck Seed's raise to 800. The two checked down the flop and turn of a Jc-5h-9h-2c board before Seed, facing a check from Beevers and having apparently learned something from Isildur1, bet over 4,000 into the 1,600 pot.

Beevers folded and Seed collected. The Hendon Mobster is the real winner, though, as he was doing the coolest trick with chips ever; kind of dropping one from one hand onto a finger and rolling it around his knuckles. Class.

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