Ronald Lee is unstoppable; Nicolas Levi exits in 5th place

Ronald Lee is unstoppable; Nicolas Levi exits in 5th place

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ronald Lee has eliminated each and every one of the players who have left The Empire at the World Series of Poker Europe final table. He continued this habit when Nicolas Levi called Lee's raise with 9c-9d for his entire stack.

He was a coinflip against Lee's Ks-Qh but the way Lee has been running, it was more of a 20-80 than a 50-50. The flop dutifully came 5h-8h-4h because every all-in hand has been given a flop that could go either way.

The king of clubs on the turn left Nicolas drawing to one out as the nine of hearts would make Lee a flush. The ten of spades was close but no cigar for Levi, whose shortstack comeback ends with a fifth place finish and a £208,119 payday.

Four-handed the chip counts are as follows:

1. Ronald Lee (5,000,000)

2. Fabrizio Bendassari(2,435,000)

3. James Bord (2,090,000)

4. Roland de Wolfe (585,000)

5. Nicolas Levi (busted - £208,119)

6. Danny Steinberg (busted - £156,530)

7. Dan Fleyshman (busted - £118,643)

8. Brian Powell (busted - £90,617)

9. Marc Inizan (busted - £69,754)

The fourth place payout awaiting one of these players is £278,945. Blinds are 25,000/50,000/5,000.

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