Ronald Lee eliminates Danny Steinberg in 6th place (£156,530)

Ronald Lee eliminates Danny Steinberg in 6th place (£156,530)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

This is turning into a Negreanu-esque performance as so far Ronald Lee has eliminated every opponent busted from this final table, most recently Danny Steinberg.

Steinberg and Lee got it all in on a coinflip with Lee holding pocket fours and Steinberg Ac-Jc. The pot was the biggest of the tournament so far and for the chip lead.

The board ran out queen high with not an ace, jack or club in sight (well, two clubs but that's not enough) and Danny Steinberg is out of here in sixth place with a consolation of £156,530. Ronald Lee has turned his chip lead from large to nearly unassailable - he has 4.2m which is nearly double that of second place Fabrizio Baldassari.

With play five-handed the chip counts are as follows:

1. Ronald Lee (4,200,000)

2. Fabrizio Baldassari (2,230,000)

3. James Bord (2,295,000)

4. Nicolas Levi (1,330,000)

5. Roland de Wolfe (455,000)

6. Danny Steinburg (busted - £159,530)

7. Dan Fleyshman (busted - £118,643)

8. Brian Powell (busted - £90,617)

9. Marc Inizan (busted - £69,754)

The sixth place payout awaiting one of these players is £208,119.

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