Ronald Lee dominating early proceedings at WSOPE final table.

Ronald Lee dominating early proceedings at WSOPE final table.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ronald Lee built up a giganta-stack yesterday and the rail was left scratching heads in collective puzzlement, wondering who this kid was? The Brooklyn resident had flown under the radar into the money and the final 27 players.

Well, we know he’s got some live tournament experience and has over $80,000 in live cashes but even the lowest payout here translates to a six-figure payday in dollars. Lee has the biggest stack in the room at over 2.2m so the chances of him finishing ninth are slim.

Firstly he called down James Bord to the river before making the first all-in of the day with a stack that covered the London banker turned poker pro, eliciting a fold from Bord. In the second hand he played he made a thin value bet against Bryan Powell on a K-6-9-3-7 rainbow board holding J-J; Powell made the call and mucked when he couldn’t beat second pair. River raises and thin value bets – that’s what we like to see.

Lee, at least, is playing to win rather than folding up the pay ladder. Expect big things from the New Yorker.

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