Ron Lee takes a big non-showdown pot

Ron Lee takes a big non-showdown pot

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Post-flop bets have been rare this final table; raises rarer still. Most of the pots so far have been contested before the flop and those that have seen three board cards have usually ended there.

Not this one, though. Chip leader Ronald Lee and the tenacious Fabrizio Baldassari saw a flop together with the board reading 3h-7d-Th. It checked through before Lee bet 175,000 on the Js turn and Baldassari quickly called.
On the river with a full board of 3h-7d-Th-5s-7c, Lee bet out 325,000 and Baldassari counted out the amount of a call before replacing the stack of white chips atop his towers and sliding out a raise to 800,000. Lee thought for an age, his face completely impassive, before moving all-in and eliciting an instant fold from Baldassari.

With that pot, Lee increases his stack to 6.2m while the Italian drops to just 1.6m. James Bord is stuck in the middle on 2.65m.

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