Roland de Wolfe finishes in 4th place (£278,549)

Roland de Wolfe finishes in 4th place (£278,549)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Roland de Wolfe moved all in from the small blind for his last 485,000 - since losing with A-T to A-8 against Nicolas Levi, de Wolfe had been nursing his short stack.

His run came to an end when Fabrizio Baldassari finished thinking and called from the big blind, turning up Ad-9s to de Wolfe's Kc-Qs for a 60/40 situation. The board provided no sweat on the flop this time - a decisive 2c-As-8c flop had de Wolfe standing up and the 4d turn left him drawing dead.

De Wolfe won't be winning the Quadruple Crown today but a payday that can buy him a small house will be some consolation. With that, the most well-known player at the final table is gone and James Bord is Britain's last hope for WSOPE glory and a slew of James Bond puns.

Now we are three-handed and the chip counts are as follows:

1. Ronald Lee (5,690,000)

2. Fabrizio Bendassari(3,105,000)

3. James Bord (2,040,000)

4. Roland de Wolfe (busted - £278,549)

5. Nicolas Levi (busted - £208,119)

6. Danny Steinberg (busted - £156,530)

7. Dan Fleyshman (busted - £118,643)

8. Brian Powell (busted - £90,617)

9. Marc Inizan (busted - £69,754)

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