Roland Lee draws first blood; takes WSOPE chip lead

Roland Lee draws first blood; takes WSOPE chip lead

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The first hand of the WSOPE final table was a middle position raise to 65,000 from James Bord and a prompt collection of 60,000 in blinds and antes as everyone folded – shortstack Nicolas Levi didn’t get his wish of a walk in the first hand of his BB.

The second hand was far more dramatic and involved our first all-in of what is sure to be a long final table. Bord raised to 65,000 again and Lee called in position. Bord bet 80,000 or so on the 8-4-4 two-hearted flop and Lee called; calling again on the Js turn this time for 125,000.

The river was the three of spades for an 8-4-4-J-3 board and Bord (that rhymed!) bet another 225,000. Lee went into the think-tank for a while before moving all in for over a million chips and covering Bord by a fair amount. The Englishman spent a few minutes thinking and/or Hollywooding before mucking and giving the chip lead to Lee, who now has over two million on the felt.

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