Return to action in five minutes

Return to action in five minutes

Monday, 27 September 2010

We’re still left with a final table plus one and the question is who will be the unfortunate player that won’t return to The Empire tomorrow and instead leave with more than £50,000 in their pocket? At the moment the odds are pointing to Marc Inizan but as Arnaud Mattern proved early in the day, anything can happen.

Our favourite to take this event down is Roland de Wolfe – he has by far the most experience in big tournament final tables and with a 1,312,000 chip stack when we return with blinds at 12,000/24,000 he has more than enough on the felt to make a good run of it.

The chip counts are as follows:

Dan Fleyshman – 1,856,000

Ronald Lee – 1,580,000

Daniel Steinberg – 1,400,000

James Bord – 1,370,000

Roland de Wolfe – 1,310,000

Fabrizio Baldassari – 1,151,000

David Peters – 510,000

Nicolas Levi – 481,000

Brian Powell – 438,000

Marc Inizan – 275,000

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