Play back underway at WSOPE Day 1b

Play back underway at WSOPE Day 1b

Friday, 24 September 2010

With the dinner break done and dusted, the likes of Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Laak, Sam Trickett and David Benyamine have returned to play out the last two ninety-minute levels of the WSOPE Main Event.

The latter was involved in a big pot that saw him put all his chips in the middle when he raised from middle position and received a caller on the button. The big blind pondered before making it 3,800 to go and Benyamine called.

The flop came out 7d-3h-6h and the big blind bet 5,400 after taking so long to decide his action that we thought he had checked. Benyamine pondered for a similar length of time, counting out the five yellow and four brown chips; riffling another stack and quizzically staring at the board before calling.

The turn made a 7d-3h-6h-8h board and the big blind checked. Benyamine took a few seconds before putting his last 19,000 or so in the pot only to be met with a quick fold. Benyamine showed the four of diamonds and boosted his stack up to around 28,000.

Meanwhile, Heads Up High Roller semi-finalist Andrew Feldman was just eliminated by Eric Baldwin after losing a coinflip with A-Q versus 7-7. This means we have around 160 players remaining in contention tonight and should be seeing a field of 100 – 110 by the end of play.

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