No Victory at Poker for VP CEO Dan Fleyshman

No Victory at Poker for VP CEO Dan Fleyshman

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Victory Poker CEO was delighted to reach the final table of the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event but unfortunately for him a series of hands have left him out in seventh place with a £118,643 ($187,400) consolation prize.

Fleyshman lost most of his chips in the biggest pot of the tournament thus far - he and the other Dan, Steinberg, got their chips in the middle with Fleyshman's A-Q drawing slim against K-K.

The flop was three tens and provided some outs for the Victory Poker CEO as he could now catch the remaining ten as well as three aces. However, the 8 and 6 turn and river were no help to him and his stack was cut in half to below 1,000,000.

A few hands later, with the board reading 3s-Js-Ah-5s-2c, Fleyshman bet most of Nicolas Levi's stack with a big bet of 375,000. Levi tanked and pretended to move his chips forward, at which point Jack Effel forced him to make the call.

Fortunately for Levi, the angleshoot worked out and he tabled the superior A-T to Fleyshman's J-x which he had turned into a bluff that was close to working. This knocked him down to just over five big blinds and in the first hand after the break he got it in with Jd-Td versus the K-5 of Ronald Lee. A king high flop was bad news for the Victory Poker man and despite picking up a gutshot on the turn he missed his outs and hit the rail.

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