Nicolas Levi doubles through Roland de Wolfe

Nicolas Levi doubles through Roland de Wolfe

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Roland de Wolfe opened the action with a raise to 95,000 before Nicolas Levi moved all in for around 500,000 more. The action folded back to de Wolfe and he began analysing the situation for a few minutes.

He made the call and it was the right one as Levi tabled Ah-8s that was badly dominated by Roland's Ad-Tc. The crowd stood up as did Levi, his tournament life on the line.

The dealer promptly laid out a flop of 8h-2d-6s to a French-accented cheer and an exasparated throw of arms from de Wolfe. He couldn't catch on the turn and river and is knocked down to less than 600,000 while Levi doubles back into seven figures.

The chip counts six-handed are as follows:

1. Ronald Lee (3,150,000)

2. James Bord (2,200,000)

3. Danny Steinberg (1,900,000)

4. Fabrizio Baldassari (1,450,000)

5. Nicolas Levi (1,275,000)

6. Roland de Wolfe (800,000)

7. Dan Fleyshman (busted - £118,643)

8. Brian Powell (busted - £90,617)

9. Marc Inizan (busted - £69,754)

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