More updates from level three of WSOPE Main Event Day 1b

More updates from level three of WSOPE Main Event Day 1b

Friday, 24 September 2010

With less than 200 players remaining out of the 210 entrants we are starting to see more big pots – Liv Boeree and Freddy Deeb both just doubled to almost 50,000; the former doing so despite being apparently allergic to the antibiotics she’s on.

Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott upstairs has got some of his stack back. He looks like he has around 17,000 on the felt and when we last checked he stole the blinds at his table without any resistance to pocket another 450. On the table to his left, Viktor Blom has already managed to lose all of his 100 chips and most of his 25s, sitting now with around 19,000.

We checked out our corner table – the Andy Black/Praz Bansi/Vanessa Rousso/Kathy Liebert one, which now sounds like some weird poker-based double date – and saw that Praz Bansi has chipped his stack up to what looks like more than 40,000. As we watched, he called a raise in position and called a bet on a Kd-Tc-4c flop. His opponent checked the Jh turn and gave up when Bansi made the price of poker 2,250. On that table it looks like Black has about 25,000 left but PokerStars Pro Rousso is dwindling, down to what seems to be just 8,200.

Defending champion Barry Shulman is the only WSOPE winner alive in the field – Annette Obrestad busted yesterday and John Juanda has already made it through to Day 2. Shulman is on his way to proving that last year wasn’t a fluke; it looks like he has accumulated about 50,000 or so.

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