More action from the WSOPE Main Event

More action from the WSOPE Main Event

Friday, 24 September 2010

It’s amazing how many hands are decided as the result of mistakes – Daniel “jungleman12” Cates left when he called off his stack with second pair and a straight draw thinking he had a set and James Akenhead was eliminated due to a miscount.

November Niner last year Akenhead was 3-bet by Frenchman Ludovic Lacy, who thought the Brit had 6,000 instead of 12,000. Lacay was forced to call a shove with J2o but hit against K-9 to send Akenhead to the rail. David Benyamine has doubled up his 25,000 stack by making quad sixes against top pair on a T-9-6-x-6 board.

We just walked past Viktor Blom’s table as the Swede put in 3,800 in chips on the turn; the pot in the middle looked like it was already approaching the five-figure range. His opponent called and the dealer put out the river to make a board of Ad-Qd-2x-6d-Kh. Blom bet 15,000 in the shape of three pink chips and his opponent mucked after some deliberation.

That pot put Blom up to around 60,000 but it’s hard to tell as the Swede who may or may not be Isildur1 keeps his chips in uneven and multi-denominational piles. He glanced up at Bluff Europe blogger Matt Perry and gave a smirk before turning over 8c-5c for a total bluff. You got your wish Viktor – the hand is immortalised.

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