More action at the WSOPE Main Event

More action at the WSOPE Main Event

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The action has been hotting up as we move towards the end of the 50/100 blind level. We’ve seen coolers, bluffs and all-ins from some big names in the past half an hour as Vanessa Selbst and Andy Bloch put their tournaments at risk.

We’ve also had our first elimination – early in the day we had our first all-in when Pierre Canali was delighted to see A-A against Aftab Ahmed’s K-K. Ahmed dropped to just 2,900 and was recently eliminated from the Main Event.

Andy Bloch was at risk with a big pot building on a Kc-2x-Jc-3c board facing a 6,025 bet. He pondered before moving all-in for his last 16,500. His opponent ummed and aahed before folding and sending Bloch back to just over his 30,000 starting stack. Perhaps the lack of hat is bringing him some luck after all?

Joe Beevers has also been chipping up nicely - we just saw him take a 9,875 pot with a casual bet of two pink chips (5,000 each) on the river of a 4h-Ts-Kc-8c-8s board. He offered his opponents a guess at what he had ("not 4-4, I'd have shown that") before mucking his cards unseen. He appears to be on around 45,000.

Vanessa Selbst, complaining how she’d halved her stack in 30 minutes, can complain no more. In a three-way pot with a board reading Qh-5d-Ks-7h she moved in for 17,500 or so to elicit a fold from both her opponents: “You’re so good at this,” one said. “What did I have?”

“God only knows,” replied Selbst as she chipped her way back to 30,000. Our chip leader is still Pierre Canali after his early double-up against the unfortunate Aftab Ahmed. Currently we have more than 130 entrants but there is still time for players to register and the full prize pool and payout structure will be announced on Day 2.

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