Money bubble approaching at WSOPE - 43 players left.

Money bubble approaching at WSOPE - 43 players left.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

We knew when Rob “Vega_Lion” Akery, himself a high stakes cash player who has been seen at stakes up to $500/$1,000, was moved to Viktor Blom’s table that there would be fireworks. They have been going at it culminating in a hand that saw Blom take his reduced stack back up to 400,000.

Blom had doubled up Nicolas Levi and Roland de Wolfe when he got into a 180,000 pot with Akery on a Jh-Kh-5h-6s board. The dealer laid out the river after Akery check-called a 52,000 bet before checking the 4s river – Blom shoved for 280,000; this amounted to just over Akery’s stack and Matt Perry expressed surprise that Blom can walk around the Empire carrying those gigantic brass balls of his.

Vega_Lion agonised over the decision for a few minutes before mucking. Blom showed Ad-Qh for a bluff and took his stack back up to about 445,000. Meanwhile, Andrew Pantling has taken the chip lead with almost 800,000 on the felt; Bojan Gledovic is still competing with 650,000 and Phil Ivey has a little under half a million.

We have just 43 players remaining at the WSOPE Main Event with the money bubble fast approaching midway through the day.

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