Mark Inizan finishes 9th (£69,754); Bryan Powell finishes 8th (£90,617)

Mark Inizan finishes 9th (£69,754); Bryan Powell finishes 8th (£90,617)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Well, we told you the action was heavy at the final table and just like that we've lost two players to bring us seven-handed after a three-way all-in between chip leader Ronald Lee and shortstacks Bryan Powell and Marc Inizan

Inizan put in his last 280,000 with 8-8 only for Bryan Powell to move in himself, his 330,000 stack barely covering the raiser. Ronald Lee then made the call with enough to cover both players by a huge margin and the cards were up.

Both the shorter stacks had 8-8 and Lee held A-K for a three-way coinflip - if such a thing is possible. The flop ran out Jd-6s-Td for a nice sweat, giving Lee a gutshot and backdoor diamond draw plus his overcards to make him a slight favourite on the flop.

The king of spades fell on the turn to roars from the rail as Lee took the pot before the irrelevant river card (we didn't even catch it to be honest) fell. Lee is still chip leader but has increased the lead substantially and is touching the 3,000,000 mark.

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