Just two tables left; Viktor Blom at the TV table

Just two tables left; Viktor Blom at the TV table

Monday, 27 September 2010

With the elimination of Phil Ivey at the hands of Ronald Lee (boo! hiss!) we are down to 18 players in the WSOPE Main Event. Each of them has locked up £33,285 for making it this far but the final table will see seven of the remaining competitors earn six figures.

Fortunately for those of you who will be watching the delayed streaming of this event at ESPN.com; Ivey’s elimination means that the table re-draw has taken place and now Viktor Blom is at the featured televised table. For anyone who wants to see what Isildur1 has when he makes those overbets this is your chance.

Joining him is second place in chips and nemesis of Ivey Ronald Lee as well as Victory Poker CEO Dan Fleyshman – for someone who claims to not be a poker player he is doing exceptionally well at one of the toughest tournaments you can possibly enter. Dan Steinberg, who has been battling fearlessly with Blom all day, also joins them alongside online tournament maestro Andrew “clockwyze” Pantling.

Feature Table

Seat 1: Daniel Steinberg 671,000.

Seat 2: Brian Powell 379,000.

Seat 3: Viktor Blom 600,000.

Seat 4: Marc Inizan 205,000.

Seat 5: Nicolas Levi 725,000.

Seat 6: Ronald Lee 1,450,000.

Seat 7: Andrew Pantling 565,000.

Seat 8: Bojan Gledovic 584,000.

Seat 9: Dan Fleyshman 630,000.

Upstairs table.

Seat 1: Clint Coffee 245,000.

Seat 2: Barny Boatman 300,000.

Seat 3: Roland de Wolfe 564,000.

Seat 4: Hoyt Corkins 435,000.

Seat 5: Fabrizio Baldassari 568,000.

Seat 6: James Bord 1,200,000.

Seat 7: Anthony Newman 196,000.

Seat 8: Arnaud Mattern 180,000.

Seat 9: David Peters 850,000.

Blinds are 5,000/10,000 with an ante of 1,000 and we are underway once more.

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