Just 38 minutes left in WSOPE Day 2

Just 38 minutes left in WSOPE Day 2

Saturday, 25 September 2010

British hopes for a WSOPE win are thinning. Praz Bansi, hoping for his second WSOP bracelet of the year, will have to wait until 2011 because he has left The Empire and his chips are now in Remy Biechel’s stack. Bansi lost a coinflip with 9-9 versus A-Q; a Q in the door and that’s all she wrote for the young Brit who joins Chris Moorman on the rail.

Meanwhile, Viktor Blom is still our chip leader but we can’t help noticing that while his chips are lesser, the stack of the player to his left has increased exponentially. Apparently position is important in the game of poker, or so we’ve heard. Phil Ivey has been floundering for a while and can’t seem to get above his high point of 317,000.

In the most recent hand we railed, Ivey fired three bets of 10,000; 30,000 and 80,000 on a 7-4-2-5-9 rainbow board. The last bet left Ivey with just 70,000 behind and Nick Schulman tanked in a very Ivey-esque manner, looking everywhere and riffling the amount of a call in one hand. Eventually, though, he passed and Ivey put his stack up to about 280,000.

We have less than forty minutes left to play in Day 2 now and 73 players remain in contention for the £830,401 first prize. Both Boatman brothers, Roland de Wolfe, JP Kelly and James Mitchell are still keeping British hopes alive while Bluff Europe contributor Phil Laak has just been eliminated with A-K againt a small pair (it was fours or fives but either way, no ace or king was forthcoming). We have less than nine full tables left in the field.

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