James Bord is our new World Series of Poker Europe champion!

James Bord is our new World Series of Poker Europe champion!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Well, that is that. After an intense match of raises, re-raises, all-ins and tense sweats, James Bord has beaten Fabrizio Baldassari to the World Series of Poker Europe Championship bracelet.

In the final hand, Baldassari got all his chips in the middle with pocket fives only to find an insta-call from Bord. It was the worst case scenario for the Italian, up against pocket tens.

The board came out 8-6-9 to give both players a gutshot but Bord was still dominating with the superior pair and draw. The turn was a jack and the river an ace to give Bord the Main Event title, a first prize of £830,401 and the WSOPE bracelet.

It's hard to concentrate on writing when the crowd is going this mad but warm congratulations to both James Bord and our runner-up Fabrizio Baldassari, who played exceptionally to navigate the toughest field in tournament poker. He has a consolation prize of over half a million pounds to take home.

It's hard to believe that the WSOPE is finally over and our champion is crowned. Former banker James Bord from London has been crowned a WSOPE champion and realised his poker dream.

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