James Bord doubles up

James Bord doubles up

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

James Bord 3-bet Baldassari before the flop and the aggressive Italian, who has picked off bluffs and thin value bets throughout the final table, made a grave error.

Baldassari moved in with Qs-9s and Bord instantly called tabling Ad-Ks. The rail went mental as Bord was a 65% favourite to double up and move that much closer to the bracelet.

Despite my considerable talents with a keyboard (if I do say so myself) I can't begin to describe the atmosphere when the board ran out 4h-6h-5c-3d-4d to double up Bord. Applause, screaming, hugs and stomping overwhelmed the sounds of Chinatown residents at the roulette tables behind the stage.

Bord is now on 6,410,000 while Baldassari is diminished to 3,970,000.

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