James Bord doubles through Ronald Lee

James Bord doubles through Ronald Lee

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Well, we knew it would go a bit crazy on the rail when Bord was all in but we didn't anticipate what would happen when he won. In the last hand of the 25k/50k level, Bord moved in and got a count request from Ronald Lee.

Lee decided to call for roughly a sixth of his stack with Kc-Qs, behind to Bord's Ac-3s. Chants of "DEUCE FOUR FIVE! DEUCE FOUR FIVE!" filled the air and when each street of the 8-4-T-5-9 flop wasn't a king or queen the cheering intensified.

Bord has doubled up and rivals the stack of Fabrizio Baldassari but Lee still holds a huge chip lead with over half the chips on the table.

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