James Bord doubles through Nicolas Levi; rail goes wild

James Bord doubles through Nicolas Levi; rail goes wild

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

With a raise from Ronald Lee and a call from Nicolas Levi before him, London's James Bord moved in for over 900,000. As Nicolas Levi mulled over his decision, Bord's crowd on the rail were incessant with chants of "BOR-DY! BOR-DY! BOR-DY!"

Eventually Levi made the call, tabling Ad-Qh to Bord's Jc-Jh. Immediately the rail exploded: "JACK! JACK! JACK! COME ON BORDY!" The flop was an innocuous 9h-5c-5d and the crowd exploded with more chants for Bord.

A blank turn elicited similar cheers and there were still calls for the unneccesary jack before the 7d fell on the river and The Empire went mental as James Bord's boisterous rail cheered like they were at a football match instead of a poker game.

Bord is now well back in contention with about 2m chips while Levi has just over 1.1m so they have effectively swapped stacks.

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