Ivey still leads, Isildur1 still chases, Bansi and Krost double

Ivey still leads, Isildur1 still chases, Bansi and Krost double

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Personally, if I were in a big tournament and I heard that Ivey was the chip leader by over a hundred big blinds, I’d just rack up my chips and give them to him. Saves everyone the time and effort; they’d wind up as his eventually.

The remaining 133 players in the field aren’t being quite as pessimistic, though. Since we last reported on Ivey’s 320,000 stack we’ve lost some more players and seen some stacks change dramatically. McLean Karr has increased his stack to a near top five count of 180,000 or o at the expense of one of his tablemates with a flopped pair/straight draw turning two pair.

Reigning Aussie Million champion Tyron Krost has doubled his stack to more than 80,000. I missed the hand but Adam Fletcher looks disgruntled and a few chips short of his former stack. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom also increased his stack to the quarter-million mark after cold 4-betting an UTG raiser and button re-raiser out of the big blind. He showed the ace of spades but that means nothing when you’re young and Swedish.

Praz Bansi has also increased his count at the expense of French pro Ludovic Lacay, who got it in good with A-K against the Hit Squaddie’s K-Q but a rivered lady gave Bansi 65,000 or so to play with. On the same table, defending champion Barry Shulman is still plodding along with a decent but not gigantic stack. We have at least twenty players with more than 100,000 on the felt now.

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