Ivey leads after first level of WSOPE Day 3.

Ivey leads after first level of WSOPE Day 3.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

We’re on the first break of Day 3 at The Empire and already it’s been an exciting level with nine eliminations already including JP Kelly, Nam Le and November Niner Jon Dolan. Byrn Kenney is in danger of joining them if he doesn’t show up soon – we’re calling oversleeping on tournament days “doing a Moorman” from now on.

Phil Ivey has re-claimed the chip lead after eliminating Nick Schulman and Matt Stout one hand after the other. Schulman’s beat is a tough one – he got it in with A-K against Ivey’s A-K but three diamonds on the board gave Ivey both the flush and the pot.

Oh, and we’ve only seen one overbet from Blom so far AND we saw him fold his BB to a button raise. He must be feeling unwell. Join us again in 20 minutes when players (the 56 remaining, anyway) rejoin us for the 1,500/3,000/400 level.

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