Isildur1 takes a hit to double de Wolfe; Negreanu and Elezra head home

Isildur1 takes a hit to double de Wolfe; Negreanu and Elezra head home

Sunday, 26 September 2010

We are down to just five tables from the 346 entrants of the £10,000 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event here at The Empire and since our last update we’ve got a fair bit to tell you. While Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is still in contention, his stack has diminished at the hands of Roland de Wolfe.

Blom opened to 6,800 and Roland de Wolfe to his immediate left made the call before calling a 14,500 continuation bet on a Jh-6c-7c flop. The turn was the Tc and it checked through but a blank 5h river somehow lead to all-out war when Blom bet 25,000.

De Wolfe moved in for his last 86,000 and Blom tanked for several minutes, riffling chips and staring at the pot before making the call only to be shown 5-5 for a rivered set. “Nice bluff,” Blom laughed as he mucked his hand. He’s still on 350,000 with an average stack of around 240,000 so Internet fanboys need not worry just yet.

Daniel Negreanu also won’t be making it three consecutive WSOPE Main Event final tables after his hopes were dashed by Darren Woods, who opened from late position to 7,100 and faced a 3-bet to 20,100 from Negreanu’s small blind. Woods made a 4-bet but before we could count it Negreanu moved in and Woods was forced to call the small 5-bet. Negreanu held A-K versus Woods’s 3-3, which held to send last year’s runner-up to the rail.

“I can’t believe you thought I’d fold there,” said Negreanu bitterly as he stood up from his seat. Woods replied: “I never believe anyone” as he stacked up Kid Poker’s chips. Meanwhile, Eli Elezra got his last 63,000 in on a ten-high board with A-T for top pair, top kicker only to be shown J-J. He couldn’t improve and exited in 46th place, allowing us to consolidate our players down to five tables. The money bubble hits at 36 players and we’re playing down to 27. The way it’s going it shouldn’t take long, but never underestimate the length of the bubble.

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