How to escape the table of death?

How to escape the table of death?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

We told you Allen Kessler, Erik Seidel and Jason Mercier were sharing a table. We were wrong, sorry - Kessler is at the adjacent table and looks as though he's next to Seidel. Perhaps it's an optical illusion caused by bald heads.

It doesn't make things better for Seidel's table, though - he's been joined by November Niner Joseph Cheong and Ted Lawson as well as WCOOP champion Mercier and Teddy Sheringham.

Kessler isn't getting a break despite not being at the table - he is sat alongside Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and opposite 2008 WSOPE champion John Juanda. Curiously, a lovely-looking elderly lady is sat two spots to Mercier's right. If the stereotypes about old ladies' poker styles are true she should profit from all the bluffing when she gets that AA or KK she's waited hours for.

Upstairs, we have Annette Obrestad and Chad Brown together - the latter just check-called bets on the flop and turn of a 2c-4c-Qh-Ts-Qx board and checked down the river to take the pot with K-J. Until his opponent mucked we were beginning to think we had jinxed him with our presence.

Not to mention the table in the opposite corner to Annette and Chad's - Joe Beevers and Huck Seed are sat together there with some empty spaces sure to be occupied by the bums of poker's best and brightest in due time.

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