Hendon Mobster makes moves pre-flop

Hendon Mobster makes moves pre-flop

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Naturally, we’ve been standing in between tables 21 and 22 to rail Ivey and Blom equally. We must bring Hendon Mobster Barny Boatman good luck because as we watched he increased his 135,000 stack to over 155,000 in two hands.

The first saw Ivey raise to 6,000 from early position and Boatman made it 18,000 to play from the small blind. Ivey stared him down before silently mucking. Ship the 10,800 to the Londoner. The very next hand, Ivey once again raised to 6,000 and this time got a call from big stack Bojan Gledovic. One more caller on the cut-off seat and Boatman moved his 142,700 stack into the middle.

Ivey quickly folded but Gledovic put his head in his hands as Boatman laughed and said “it’s not much for you” when the dealer declared his chip total. Gledovic mused over the decision for some time as Boatman re-checked his cards and rubbed his hands together in glee. Or mock glee. Or glee pretending to be mock glee – you can’t tell with poker players.

Eventually Gledovic folded after deciding Boatman was trying to talk him into calling. He forgot there was still a player to act, though, mucking his cards and asking: “Did you have A-K? I think you had A-K becau...” at this point he noticed. “Oh shit! Sorry.” However, it is unlikely Gledovic’s words affected the action because the player in question quickly folded.
Boatman has now chipped up to 167,400 but still has some work to do with blinds at 1,200/2,400/300.

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