Hellmuth calm at WSOPE Main Event - we know, weird!

Hellmuth calm at WSOPE Main Event - we know, weird!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Perhaps the biggest shock of today has been Phil Hellmuth – not the Lady Gaga entrance, we expect that mental stuff. It’s the fact that we saw his top pair lose out to 8d-2d making a flush and he didn’t react badly. He muttered something and his opponent began to defend himself but Hellmuth said: “I would have played the same, I’m just aggravated.”

The aggravation didn’t cease three hands later when Hellmuth called the SB’s open in the big blind and called down bets of 2,000; 4,000 and 10,000 on a 8s-6c-9d-Jh-2c board, mucking Jd-Td to his opponent’s 8-8. Hellmuth is now in serious danger with less than 8,000 in chips.

Jason Mercier, last we saw, was nursing a 15,000ish stack and looking exceptionally grumpy as he received a massage. Our watching him was bad luck for him though – soon after we left he got his chips in with 9-9 versus A-Q and doubled up to over 20,000 again. Erik Seidel at his table seems to have around 43,000 while home hero Jake Cody has boosted his stack to more than 60,000.

In the centre of the room, Gus Hansen is still in the first game of his three-round match against Jim Collopy with a chip lead of just under two to one. The way it’s going, that best of three match could still be underway when Day 1b begins at noon tomorrow.

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