Heads-up for a bracelet!

Heads-up for a bracelet!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

"BORDY! BORDY! BORDY!" Well, James Bord has eliminated Ron Lee in third place for £279,000 and now he is heads-up with Fabrizio Baldassari for the World Series of Poker Europe bracelet.

Bord held A-K to Lee's 5-5 and when the king hit the flop you can imagine how crazy his loud-mouthed friends went. "HOLD! HOLD! HOLD! HOLD!" went the chant and he did better than that, spiking a third king on the river.

Despite his six-figure score, Lee seemed devestated as the rail went wild and Baldassari joined in the celebrations, ecstatic to be so close to the ultimate poker glory.

Chips are being counted down and it seems like Bord has a slight disadvantage. Heads-up play will begin momentarily.

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