Heads up continues with big swings

Heads up continues with big swings

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

James Bord has taken over the dominance of proceedings in this heads-up showdown. His rail are understandably excited but are getting repeated warnings from Jack Effel about booing or insulting their friend's opponent. Will the railbirds hit the rail?

Bord's momentum was taken, though, when he called a 350,000 river bet with a jack on a J-5-x-x-x board and was shown 5-5. Now the stacks are close to even after Baldassari took down a pre-flop pot with a 3-bet the next hand.

Baldassari now has around 4.7m and Bord roughly 5.65m. Our Twitter page has more regular updates but of course the big hands will still be posted here.

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