Heads-up battle commences

Heads-up battle commences

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Shuffle up and deal! We are off heads-up for £830,401 and a World Series of Poker bracelet. "Welcome back to the WSOPE Main Event final table of 2010," said Effel.

"From 346 players to the final two and I gotta tell you, all the best players in the world were here fighting long and hard but only these two made it here today.

"I'm gonna re-introduce them and scream as loud as you like. In seat one, with a chip count of 6,265,000 a round of applause for Fabrizio Baldassari [cheers and some boos from Bord's crowd] and with 4,120,000 a cheer for James Bord!"

Needless to say, they cheered.

"Regardless of what happens, both of these players are accomplished so without further ado - shuffle up and deal!"

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