Hands from WSOPE Day 1b

Hands from WSOPE Day 1b

Friday, 24 September 2010

With the first twenty-minute break out of the way, we rushed around replenishing the Bluff Europe magazine bins (go on, take one) before the players began filling seats again. We’re about twenty minutes into the 100/200 level now so here’s a few notable hands we’ve seen:

Firstly, we saw that Neil Channing and Daniel Negreanu are now on the same table which should up the average age from 23 to 29 or so and make them both feel a little better. We saw Neil raise to 425 from middle position and get a call out of the small blind. They both checked the 4s-Jh-3c flop before the small blind check-called a 600 bet on the Jc turn. When the final board read 4s-Jh-3c-Jc-3d the small blind checked once more and Channing asked: “Shall we have another round of bluffing or just show down?” before checking behind. He mucked when his opponent showed 4-4 for a full house. Channing is on about his starting stack while Negreanu has chipped up to about 36,000.

We ventured out onto the balcony to see Tom “durrrr” Dwan in another hand, as he has been each and every time we have seen him. This time there was about 3,000 in the middle against Antonio Esfandiari, who folded to a 2,625 bet on a Qs-8c-Qd-Tc board. That’s one hand won; one hand lost for Dwan that we’ve seen and he is on what appears to be roughly 25,000. It’s difficult to follow him closely because of the spectators surrounding his table – oddly, he has a bigger rail than Ivey.

Speaking of which, the man himself is tucked away under the stairs and has chipped up nicely with a cool collection of yellow 1,000 chips atop his pink 5,000s. We saw him open from early position and call a button 3-bet before taking it down with a 2,800 bet on a 7d-Jc-6s-Tc board and adding a few more chips to that pile. It’s Frenchman David Benyamine rocking the biggest stack in the room still while November Niner Matthew Jarvis just doubled up Frank Kassela to take the unenviable shortstack spot.

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