Fabrizio Baldarassi doubles up through Ron Lee

Fabrizio Baldarassi doubles up through Ron Lee

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fabrizio Baldarassi and Ron Lee got into a raising war pre-flop during which the Italian got his chips in the middle. Lee instantly called and, for three-handed play, this was a cooler as Baldassari's A-4 was up against A-K.

James Bord's rail were cheering for Lee to hit his king; that would guarantee Bord £535,000 and give him a better shot at the bracelet. Unfortunately, the flop came down 4s-3c-8c to shoot Baldassari into the lead.

The turn was the nine of diamonds which didn't help and Bord's supporters still called for a king. The jack of hearts on the river started a cheer before they realised it was the wrong kind of paint so it descended into a low "ooomph!" Baldassari doubles up to 3.3m while Bord is on around 2.4m and Lee drops to just over 5m.

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