Dinnertime for our three remaining players

Dinnertime for our three remaining players

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Well, so far it's looking like a quick final table as after a little over five and a half hours of actual play we're down to just three players remaining in the WSOPE.

Ronald Lee leads the chip counts as he has done all day - of the six players eliminated, five fell at the hands of Lee and sent their chips over to him. He's been active and aggressive, rarely giving chips away but vacuuming them all off the felt.

The chip counts are as follows:

1. Ronald Lee (6,300,000)

2. Fabrizio Bendassari(2,645,000)

3. James Bord (1,350,000)

4. Roland de Wolfe (busted - £278,549)

5. Nicolas Levi (busted - £208,119)

6. Danny Steinberg (busted - £156,530)

7. Dan Fleyshman (busted - £118,643)

8. Brian Powell (busted - £90,617)

9. Marc Inizan (busted - £69,754)

We will return in 90 minutes to play out the rest of the 25,000/50,000 level.

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