Dinnertime! WSOPE Main Event finishes level four

Dinnertime! WSOPE Main Event finishes level four

Thursday, 23 September 2010

There have now been 20 eliminations at the 2010 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event and Fabian Quoss is still clinging tight to the cheap lead with over 90,000 in front of him. One time big stack Arnaud Mattern has taken a hit back down to 24,000 or so after doubling up Jake Cody when the Brit flopped a set against the Frenchman’s overpair.

Vanessa Selbst’s comeback was abruptly ended. We don’t know what her hand was but she called off her last 9,000 chips on the river of a jack-high board and mucked when shown KJ. Faraz Jaka (82,000), Nicolas Levi (75,000) and Scott Montgomery (60,000) have all built up decent stacks while both Boatman brothers and fellow Hendon Mobster Joe Beevers are still in the event with more than they started. The entire mob are in the room; Ram Vaswani is currently battling it out with Jim Callopy to face Gus Hansen in the Heads Up High Roller final.

The Tables of Death are still present with Beevers, Cantu and Seed still sharing a table. The Seidel/Mercier/Sheringham/Cheong table broke but Sheringham still has Mercier to his left. The former football star is on just over 20,000 in good company with the likes of Jason Mercier, Daniel “jungleman12” Cates and Howard Lederer on similar stacks. Phil Hellmuth has built his stack up to 38,000 after a late and flamboyant arrival that you can see on our Twitter page.

Believe it or not, we haven’t even touched upon all the players remaining in the event. Chris Ferguson (31,200); Jeff Lisandro (26,800) and Justin “BoostedJ” Smith (28,200) to name but a few. You want more? Try Alexander Kravchenko (37,500); Schott Fischman (39,000) and Vitalky Lunkin (33,000). How about Hoyt Corkins (42,300) or Allen Cunningham (44,600)? The list goes on.
Now the players are finishing off their hands and heading out for a dinner break in the next few minutes and will return in ninety minutes for level 5 - 200/400 blinds with a running ante of 50. We'll see you then.

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