Dinnertime! Viktor Blom leads at the end of level ten.

Dinnertime! Viktor Blom leads at the end of level ten.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Well, we did it. We spoke to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom – and he spoke back! Yup, hundreds of online poker fanboys are crapping their pants with jealously now that Matt Perry’s ears have been graced with the quiet Swedish tones of Blom:

As tables diminished for the ninety minute dinner break I made a beeline to the back of the upstairs section where Viktor Blom had spent twenty minutes or so demolishing a table of poker veterans. Again, he keeps his chips in untidy piles but I counted 68x 5,000 chips; 51x 500 chips and over a hundred each of the 100s and 1,000s. Rough estimate, but... oh, wait, I’ll ask him – he’s over there.

“Viktor!” I called, interrupting his conversation in Swedish with his emo-looking friend. “Sorry, but how much do you have? About 475,000?”

“Uh, I do not think it is so large,” he replied in hesitant but good English. I resisted the urge to make a penis joke. “I will count.”

“Oh, cool,” I said, milling around as he cut piles from his huge collection. It was kind of awkward and then a big Polish man told me to leave the tournament area. Blom eventually finished counting and walked past me. Erm...

“Viktor!” I called again. He turned and an ‘oh yeah!’ expression passed his face. In the sense that he remembered me; he wasn’t doing a Kool-Aid impression. “I has about four-fifty something, I dunno,” he said.

Either way, it gives him the chip lead as we go into the dinner break. And hey, what’s 25,000 anyway?

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